Android Upload Image to Server Using Retrofit

In this tutorial, I will show you how to upload an image to a PHP server using android retrofit. I will give an explained example and a GitHub repository to download both Android and PHP code. You will need to upload photos or images from your android app to a server. Many apps have this functionality, including Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. You have built your excellent app a

Android December 06, 2019
Building JavaFX User Interface Using FXML

In the previous article, we learnt about writing your first JavaFX application, the internals of a simple JavaFX application, and the lifecycle of a JavaFX application.  If you want to understand the basics of all JavaFX applications, I encourage you to read the article.In this article, we will build a JavaFX user interface using FXML. FXML is an XML based language provided by JavaFX. We will

JavaFX December 02, 2019
Simple Tips on How to Start Writing Clean Code

Writing clean code requires trying out different practices and tips. This task is not as easy as it sounds, and the main problem is that there are a couple of tips to write clean code. For this reason, it becomes difficult for programmers, especially new, to select the best practices and follow them. Every programming language has keywords and built-in methods. We do not worry about writing these

Misc November 30, 2019
Best Integrated Development Environment IDEs

It is generally challenging to choose the appropriate Integrated Development Environments (IDE) when starting programming. In the early stages of programming, you may download many programs without knowing how they work. Most of the time, beginners will download the inappropriate IDE. In this article, I will highlight some of the best IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for developers, and yo

Software November 13, 2019
Android RecyclerView with Example for Beginners

In this article, we will discuss how to use the android RecyclerView. This widget is a more refined and efficient version of ListView with advanced performance and multiple benefits. This component allows developers to show a list of items from an extensive data set and data that change dynamically. For example, the inbox of your Gmail app, you find a list of people who contacted you. In the

Android November 12, 2019
Writing your First JavaFX Application

JavaFX is a software platform for creating desktop applications. It is intended to replace Swing as the standard GUI library for Java SE. In JavaFX vs. HTML5 article, we can see JavaFX is mainly for Desktop use. In this article, we'll dive deeper into the JavaFX framework and show you how to write a simple JavaFX application in NetBeans.The following are some key features of JavaFX, which make it

JavaFX November 09, 2019
Introduction to Web Programming

Web programming is the art of creating dynamic web applications. This means that users can interact with the application to post their stories, write comments, etc. from a web browser like Google Chrome, etc. Web programming is also referred to as web development. Example of web apps includes social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter or Video sharing sites like Youtube and Vimeo or e-comme

PHP November 05, 2019
Best Programming Laptops for Coders

Getting a laptop that is ideal for coding is not easy, especially with a wide variety of laptops to choose from. Moreover, there’s a lot of options to consider when you are trying to stick to a budget.In this article, we are going to dive deep into specs of the best programming laptops and how different they are. Coding is just not about writing lines of code, which can be done with any laptop.

Books November 04, 2019
Android Swipe Down to Refresh a Layout Example

Hello buddy,In this tutorial, we are discussing the android SwipeRefreshLayout. This enables an android app user to swipe or pull down to refresh the contents of the screen. You might have seen that apps like Twitter and Facebook offer an option to swipe down to refresh tweets and posts. Once a user pulls down from the top, a loader appears and will disappear after new content has been fetched. In

Android November 01, 2019
Safaricom Hacked Again

Yesternight Kenya’s biggest telco Safaricom experienced another glitch in their systems that allowed subscribers to acquire data bundles and airtime for free. There was a bug under *544# that allowed customers to purchase data of up to KES. 100,000,000 without having airtime. The news spread like wildfire and more and more people subscribed to the crazy data amounts, took screenshots and shared

Technology October 23, 2019
JavaFX vs HTML5

Choosing a rich client technology is very challenging! Particularly when these technologies are competing to be a leader in their area. In this case we have JavaFX and HTML5. I have done some projects and in both JavaFX and HTML5 for some companies. In this article I would like to share some of my insights on this topic.This article does not intend be a battle between JavaFX and HTML5 by making on

JavaFX October 03, 2019
Swap Two Numbers Without a Third Variable in Java

Swapping numbers will be helpful when creating large Java programs. Swapping is frequently used in sorting algorithms such as bubble sort, quick sort, etc.Swapping is the act of exchanging values of variables. In this article, I am going to teach you how to swap two numbers without using a third (temp) variable.Swap using multiplication and divisionpublic class Swap {    public static void main(

Java August 22, 2019
Java ArrayList for Absolute Beginners with Examples

ArrayLists will be helpful when creating large Java programs. In this article, I am going to teach you what a Java ArrayList is, how to use it, and what operations you can apply to it.What is an ArrayList?In Java, ArrayList is simply used to store dynamically sized collections of items. ArrayList stores items of the same data type. Remember that everything in Java is an object and when creating an

Java August 01, 2019
The Best Java Books for Beginners

Java: Programming Basics for Absolute Beginners This book by Nathan Clark is read by new beginners in programming who have no experience, especially in coding. It shows how to do coding from one stage to another in sequence through basics. The explanation is provided step by step in each portion of the code and also helps you in decisions when choosing IDE, how to put together and run the pro

Books July 30, 2019
Comparison of Java with other Programming Languages

Java is both a language and a platform. It is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages.  Java is a platform because it provides an environment that helps to develop and run programs written in the Java programming language. Java programming language is fast, reliable, and secure. It employs the object-oriented programming paradigm and therefore, can be used to model real-

Java July 24, 2019
The Four Main Object Oriented Programming Concepts in Java With Examples

Hi buddy, today I will explain what OOP (Object-oriented programming) in Java is. Java is one of the most popular and widely used programming language and platform. In my article The Best Way to Learn Java Programming Language, I said that it could be tricky to learn Java because you will encounter complex concepts like objects, polymorphism, inheritance, etc. Now I will help you understand these

Java July 24, 2019
Types of Software Testing

Software testing is divided into functional and non-functional testing. Functional testing deals with functional aspects testing of software application whereby one has to examine all the functionalities for you to acquire the desired results. Functional tests should be executed manually, but sometimes one can use automatic tools like selenium, Watir, Junit, and Micro Focus UFT where they are requ

Misc July 20, 2019
Coding Interview Preparation Ultimate Guide

In this article, I will be explaining in details everything you need to prepare yourself for coding interviews. You have been invited for a coding interview, and you are feeling nervous? I have experienced that feeling, and you are not alone. Everyone has the same feeling when something big is going to happen. Especially if this is your first interview or one that is going to get you into your dre

Misc July 15, 2019
What Programming Languages Should you Learn First

There is a long list of about 256 programming languages. The languages are classified into groups according to the way or style of programming (paradigms). So with this long list, many beginners face challenges when choosing which language to learn first. Another question is what programming languages are used in big companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, etc. Their worry is learning a langu

Java July 11, 2019
The Best Way to Learn Java Programming Language

Java is simple to learn when you know other programming languages like C and C++. However, some people argue that Java Programming language is difficult to learn while others think it takes the same learning curve similar to other programming languages like Python, PHP, and Ruby on Rails, etc. Java is a prevalent programming language. It is very stable, versatile, reliable, and compatible and run

Java July 07, 2019
Side Income Ideas for Software Developers

While at college we usually think that when we get a job then all our money problems will be solved. But then as we get jobs our expenses increase. Maybe you buy a car, bike etc. and that money is not enough. If you want to make some extra money, try these side income ideas.Software developers are known to have quite high salaries which they can comfortably live on. However, there exists other sof

Programming July 04, 2019
Trump Allows US Companies to Work with Huawei Again

US organizations will be allowed to work with Huawei once more, US President Trump reported in a news conference.It's a dazzling, if not by any stretch of the imagination astonishing turnaround, coming only weeks after the Trump administration called Huawei a noteworthy risk to US national security.On the sidelines of the G20 summit in Osaka, President Trump said "US companies can sell their equip

Technology July 01, 2019
Why Every Software Programmer should have a Blog

Today I am going to tell you why you should create your own coding blog. Developers should write blog.First things first, programmers don’t like writing much. It is hard for us to even comment our own programs.Therefore, why should a developer write his own blog? Learning is a journey, let’s learn together — Mindorks.I must say that over time I have learnt many programming styles by sharing

Misc June 28, 2019
Test article Safaricom Hacked

This morning, Kenya’s biggest teleco Safaricom experienced a major glitch in their systems that allowed subscribers to acquire data bundles for free. The news that “Safaricom Platinum” — an integrated plan that gives customers a personalized bill manager — was undergoing some technical problems, spread like wildfire. The glitch allowed subscribers to purchase data bundles

Technology June 28, 2019

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