What is Cloud Migration? Importance of Moving to Cloud

Cloud migration refers to the processing of transferring data, services, and applications from a local data center to a cloud computing environment. There are three models of cloud migration. The most popular model is where people move data and applications from an on-premises data center to a public cloud. The second model is cloud-to-cloud migration where people transfer data and applications fr

Misc July 12, 2020
AWS vs AZURE - How To Choose The Right Cloud Service Provider

These days, everybody is turning to the cloud for their computing needs. According to Forbes, cloud computing market is estimated to reach $411 billion by 2020. Various cloud computing vendors have gone head on to claim their supremacy in the Cloud Computing industry. Like any other new concept, there comes uncertainty out of unfamiliarity. And cloud computing is not an exception. Therefore, there

Misc July 05, 2020
An introduction to cloud computing right from the basics up to IaaS, PaaS and SaaS

Cloud computing is the model of delivering applications, storage, and processing power (on-demand computing services and resources) over the internet through web-based applications. In cloud computing, you don’t access services from your computer’s hard-drive or data centers, instead, you rent access to services and resources from a cloud service provider like AWS and Azure.The advantage of cl

Misc July 03, 2020

In the previous tutorial, we learned what is PL/SQL as well as how to write a sample PL/SQL code. There we saw that PL/SQL is one of three key programming languages embedded in the Oracle Database, along with SQL itself and Java. In this article, we will learn how to use SELECT INTO statement to retrieve data of a single row from a database and assign the selected values into variables.PLSQL SELEC

SQL June 27, 2020
13 new innovative technologies and features unveiled at WWDC20

On June 22, 2020, Apple began its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC20) that brought together a large number of fans and software developers for the Special Event Keynote and Platforms State of the Union around the world. The innovations will push the experience of Apple products even further. From macOS Big Sur to iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7, and tvOS 14, here are the biggest features and app

Technology June 22, 2020
What is Oracle PL/SQL? - An Introduction

In the previous article, I introduced you to MS SQL Database. In this article, I will introduce you to Oracle PLSQL. And at the end of the tutorial, you will learn about PLSQL language as well as its architecture.PLSQL combines SQL along with procedural features of programming. PLSQL stands for Procedural Language extensions to the Structured Query. It was created by Oracle Company in the 1990s to

SQL June 21, 2020
How much does it cost to make an app

In this article, I will help you determine what you will pay to get an app for your business developed. Both App Store and Play Store have more than 2 million apps each. Both app stores grow by 300 apps per day, and their future looks even brighter. Therefore the mobile economy is increasing steadily and shows no signs of stopping. So, if you have thought about an app for your business, the k

Misc June 13, 2020
Android Google Maps Tutorial with Example

Hi, and welcome to yet another Android Tutorial. In this article, I will be tackling Android Google Map. Android enables us to integrate Google map into our android applications. With Google Map you can display directions, search places and calculate distance between point A and B. Actually you can customize Google map in your application according to your requirement. There are four types of Goog

Android May 31, 2020
Introduction to SQL Server - Most Important SQL Queries

Today, data is the basis of any business out there. Big enterprises do data-driven businesses. This data needs to be stored in well-structured storage facilities called database. Therefore in this article I shall focus on teaching you the most important SQL Server commands.  Structured Query Language. SQL is used to communicate with a database. You can use the commands in other relational DBM

SQL May 24, 2020
Three Best Websites to Get Programming Assignment Help

From time to time, we are faced with challenges in handling and completing our assignments. This drives us to seek alternative help form professionals with skills and knowledge in the respective fields. The online platforms have been one of the most effective and popular platforms to seek assistance with the assignments, essays, and such work details. This includes a variety of helpful resources a

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