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Software Requirement and Download Links

You should have the following software here

  1. Android Studio - Download here
  2. NetBeans 8.2 - Download here
  3. Xampp - Download here
  4. Notepad++ - Download here
  5. JDK 8 - Download here

Your Benefits

You should have the following software here

  1. Full Documentation
  2. Installation & Configuration
  3. Project Delivery
  4. Source Code

Step to Purchase a Project

You should have the following software here

  1. Get all requiremnets ready
  2. Browse the available projects
  3. Place an Order
  4. I will personally contact you asap
  5. Make Online Payment
  6. Be Installed with the Software
  7. Get Explanation with installation
  8. All Docs, Coding, Paper will delivered

What I deliver

At the end you will get the following

  1. Complete Source Code
  2. Final Report / Document (Havard based)
  3. Guidelines Doc & Video
  4. Modified Title / Modified Abstract
  5. Much more....

Why Use Our Source Code?

Clear Detailed Documentation

We shall provide full documentation on how to configure our apps on your side. We shall provide documentation according to your requirements.

24/7 Live Support

Our friendly support team is dedicated to help you even when you have challenges configuring your app. We are on whatsapp too. Contact us!

App Ready to Publish

Our apps are ready to publish. You just need to change the company name, logo and other images. So you actually make your app live the day you make a purchase.

Safe and Secure

Safety is our core business. Our apps are highly secure. Equiped with with end-to-end encryption and secure https call, we boost of tight security for apps with payments and communication modules.

Contact us

Have any question in mind? Please email and I will personally get back to you as quick as I can.

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