The Best Cloud Computing Books for Beginners

By The Best Cloud Computing Books for Beginners

The future of cloud computing looks so bright that learning a thing or two in the area is important for you to remain relevant in IT. As cloud technology grows steadily many businesses are looking for cloud experts to advise them or manage their resources in the cloud. This article will list the best cloud computing books to read and I hope it will help you. The article will as well help you in choosing the right cloud service provider. You can learn cloud computing from many sources but I believe that books, whether hardcover or digital, are an excellent source for people looking to learn about a specific field of technology, and the cloud is no exception.

Let’s quickly see the list of the best books. The list is not arranged in any order because all books are important, therefore, you may read any and get to understand what is cloud computing.

Ahead in the Cloud: Best Practices for Navigating the Future of Enterprise IT

The book is written by Stephen Orban. He talks about cloud computing as the most significant technologies of our time. The cloud has made many new businesses into existence and provides a great opportunity even to large enterprises. Stephen Orban leads AWS’s Enterprise Strategy function, where he helps leaders from the largest companies in the world transform their businesses. Therefore he has unrivaled knowledge in cloud computing. It will be good to read the book.

The Cloud Adoption Playbook: Proven Strategies for Transforming Your Organization with the Cloud

The book is written by Moe Abdula, Ingo Averdunk, Roland Barcia, Kyle Brown, and Ndu Emuchay. In the book, they discuss how cloud technology is changing how businesses work and how smart companies are quickly adapting to the trend. Migrating to the cloud calls for a clear roadmap supported with real-world experience for a successful migration. This book helps businesses make the best choices for cloud adoption.

Cloud Computing: From Beginning to End

The book is written by Ray Rafaels. This is a complete guide to cloud computing and the best strategies for migrating to the cloud. He covers technical details of how cloud deployment models work, from private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud. He further explores strategy, technical design, and in-depth implementation details required to migrate existing applications and data to the cloud. This book will really give you a better understanding of cloud technology and the steps needed to garner its benefits fully. You will also reduce the cloud implantation risks involved while migrating. There it is a good book for everyone.

CSA Guide to Cloud Computing: Implementing Cloud Privacy and Security

The book is written by Raj Samani, Brian Honan, and Jim Reavis. The book covers the most recent and complete understanding of cloud security issues and deployment models from leaders at the Cloud Security Alliance. Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has been at the front line of research and analysis of the most security and privacy issues related to cloud computing. CSA Guide to Cloud Computing provides you with a one-stop source for industry-leading content, as well as a roadmap into the future considerations that the cloud presents.

Transitioning the Enterprise to the Cloud: A Business Approach

The book is written by Edward Mahon. In the book, he talks about the leaders in the industry appreciate the cloud’s consumption-based pricing model over their current capital-intensive cost structures. There is an inconsistency between actual cloud adoption rates and viewpoints.

Infrastructure as Code: Managing Servers in the Cloud

The book is written by Kief Morris. The book illustrates different tools and techniques one can use to implement infrastructure as code. The book is good for system administrators, infrastructure engineers, and architects. The book teaches the tools and platforms involved in making and setting up infrastructure elements, patterns for using these tools, and practices for making infrastructure as code work in your environment.

Architecting the Cloud: Design Decisions for Cloud Computing Service Models

The book is written by Michael j. Kavis. Cloud computing offers computing and storage facilities to all kinds of users. The book highlights the ideal cloud service models and helps you settle on a cloud service model that is fit for your business. The book does not favor any cloud service provider but guides you in making the most critical cloud decisions and choosing the right cloud service model based on many factors both in business and technology requirements.


We have looked at the best cloud computing books to read. The books help you in selecting the best cloud service providers, cloud service models, and cloud deployment models. The books also discuss all risks, security issues, and privacy involved in cloud computing. The books also guide you on cloud migration strategies and how to plan well for cloud adoption. The books are really helpful since they have been written by leaders in the field of cloud computing.

I recommend that you take certifications in cloud computing from the Edureka E-learning platform. These two certifications are really important for your cloud computing career and I recommend you take one of them. Choose either AWS Certification or Azure Certification.

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