Why Every Software Programmer should have a Blog

By Why Every Software Programmer should have a Blog

Today I am going to tell you why you should create your own coding blog. Developers should write blog.

First things first, programmers don’t like writing much. It is hard for us to even comment our own programs.

Therefore, why should a developer write his own blog? Learning is a journey, let’s learn togetherMindorks.

I must say that over time I have learnt many programming styles by sharing whatever I know with my friends and answering questions on various programming forums.

While sharing my knowledge I was able to:

  • Improve my programming skills.
  • Learn Android programming.
  • Learn Web programming.
  • And many more.

So writing a programming blog will be beneficial in many ways like:

  • You understand a programming concept by writing.
  • You become a better software developer.
  • You become a better writer.
  • You market yourself.
  • You showcase your skills.
  • You interact well with other developers.
  • You learn new technologies.
  • You learn by explaining things to others.
  • You will read more topics to write your own blog.

I am improving day by day. For instance this month I started android programming and I have this app. Therefore, we all can.

Let’s discuss some of those benefits.

Improve your technical skills

The Best Way to Learn Something is to teach it” is a very well-known Latin principle and I find it to be so true. 

I recently started teaching Java and SQL online to every willing person. I will tell you for sure, I learnt new skills while preparing tutorials and teaching my students.

You end up learning more and more about your topic which is good for you and your students.

In your programming b logs you teach people around the world about programming hence, writing a programming blog is similar to teaching.

If you want to be a better programmer, teach programming through your blog

Learn how to write and present your ideas

It is true that your software development career relies on how well you communicate and present the ideas you have. 

Writing is one of the ways you are going to improve your communication skills.

If you feel that writing is hard at the beginning, just don’t give up, it is common to many software developers. You are going to improve and get better in writing with time.

Market yourself

Do you know Jeff Atwood? I will be surprised you are in the software development industry and you don’t know Jeff Atwood.

This guy and Joel Spolsky are the founders of Stack Overflow.

Now I am almost certain you are ware of Stack Overflow. If not, then you aren’t ready to start ypur own programming blog.

Jeff Atwood is well known for his blog, known as Coding Horror. Created in 2004 and is among the most popular programming blogs.

This blog was the reason he met Spolsky, look at what Atwood himself says:

Therefore, Your blog will open the doors for various networking and business opportunities that you might not find otherwise.

Learn about online marketing

It is one thing to write a successful blog and another to market it.

You will learn many things about online marketing since marketing your blog won’t be an easy task.

Online marketing is a valuable skill that every software developer should have.

The easiest thing you could do is to share your blog articles with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Linked in. and making sure your page appears as top results on search engines. 

This in itself makes starting a blog a worthy goal in my opinion.

So start writing and good luck!
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