Test article Safaricom Hacked

By Eric Murithi June 28, 2019 - 9:02 Test article Safaricom Hacked Caption: Safaricom CEO Bobby Colymore

This morning, Kenya’s biggest teleco Safaricom experienced a major glitch in their systems that allowed subscribers to acquire data bundles for free.

The news that “Safaricom Platinum” — an integrated plan that gives customers a personalized bill manager — was undergoing some technical problems, spread like wildfire.

The glitch allowed subscribers to purchase data bundles and call minutes without airtime and soon enough, word was all over the interwebs as everyone rushed to grab a piece of this extremely rare cake from a company that has often been accused of ripping Kenyans off.

Safaricom are yet to release an official statement on the matter but screenshots doing rounds on social media indicate they have already started informing those who “illegally” purchased data and minutes to visit their nearest Safaricom outlets to rectify the mistake.

Eric Murithi

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