Comparison of Java with other Programming Languages

By Comparison of Java with other Programming Languages

Java is both a language and a platform. It is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages.  Java is a platform because it provides an environment that helps to develop and run programs written in the Java programming language. Java programming language is fast, reliable, and secure. It employs the object-oriented programming paradigm and therefore, can be used to model real-world situations. It is used in the development of desktop applications, web applications, and mobile applications. Thus, Java is used in every nook and corner. 

According to the Sun Microsystems, Java runs in over three billions devices. Big companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin use Java too. I use Java in the development of desktop apps, web applications, and mobile applications. Here is my mobile application developed in Java. So why should you choose Java over the other languages? In this article, I will provide the best comparison of Java with other programming languages.


  1. Both Java and Ruby are languages that are very strongly typed meaning they do not allow you to use one type as another.
  2. Both Java and Ruby are object-oriented and provide inheritance. They both have public, private, and protected methods.
  3. Java is statically typed while Ruby is dynamically typed. This means in Java, type checking is performed during compilation and not at run time while in Ruby, type checking is performed at run time.
  4. There is a difference in the code execution process. Java first transforms its code into machine code for easier understanding, and because of that, it runs faster than Ruby.
  5. Java is a compiled language while Ruby is an interpreted language. Compiled languages usually run faster than interpreted languages.
  6. Java supports multi threading meaning more than one thing can happen at the same time while in Ruby different threads do not execute at the same time: they merely appear to.

Most of the programmers and developers tend to choose Ruby as a first option instead of Java. This is because the functions carried out in Ruby language take a smaller number of code lines compared to Java. This makes the handling of the codes for Ruby programmers and developers easier.


  1. Java is data-oriented, whereas C is procedure-oriented. Java follows the object-oriented programming paradigm while C uses the procedural programming paradigm.
  2. C does not support the OOPs concept, whereas Java supports OOP concepts. Thus Java suited when one has to relate the things according to the real-world.
  3. Java does not allow access to memory directly because it internally manages that while C provides access to memory.
  4. Java has a powerful mechanism for exception handling that helps maintain the normal flow of the program, whereas exception handling is not directly achieved in C.
  5. Java is more portable and platform-independent, whereas, in C, we have to compile the code for each platform (Operating System).
  6. 6Java supports the concept of threads while C does not. In today's day to day, environment threading is a big plus point which allows us to do our work simultaneously and with that, we can also save time. 


  1. Java language was obtained from C++. The difference is that Java is a language which is object-oriented while C++ is both object-oriented and also procedural.
  2. Both C++ and Java are compiled languages.
  3. Both languages are statically typed and also strongly typed although C++ could have some loopholes.
  4. The main goal of C++ is to design a system programming since it is derived from the C programming language while Java is used in network computing. C++ also gives support in operator overloading, unions, and structures, but Java does not.
  5. In terms of performance, C++ is faster than Java. 
  6. When it comes to libraries comparison between the languages Java consist of a library, which is a powerful cross-platform while C++ libraries are robust and straightforward with no complications. 
  7. In Java, garbage collection is automatic, but in C++, it's not. In C++ objects are destroyed manually using code.
  8. C++ supports support structures and unions, whereas Java does not support it.
  9. Java has built-in threads to support for multi-threaded applications while C++ depends on the operating system for this feature.


  1. It’s a language that’s in support of object-oriented programming while Java language is not pure object-oriented.
  2. It is also a language that is interpreted while Java is a language that is compiled.
  3. Java programs execute faster than Python programs.
  4. Python is a scripting language, while Java is a low-level implementation language.
  5. As compared to simplicity, Python is the best option for the programmers because it is easier to use than Java. It has a small number of code lines and also programs that are much shorter compared to Java.
  6. Python supports a system in which type checking is performed at run time, which makes it a preferred better choice, especially for new inexperienced programmers when coding because it has fewer lines of code. It saves times and also is both programmer and user-friendly, but in Java, before the developers use the variables they have to define clearly the type of each, and the programmer has to use a lot of time.
  7. Python is used in greater companies such as NASA, Yahoo, and Goggle.
  8. Java library support is much better compared to Python.
  9. Java supports multi-threading meaning more than one thing can happen at the same time while in Python different threads do not actually execute at the same time: they merely appear to.


Therefore, from the discussion, we can tell that every programming language holds its own position in different aspects, so there are always points where we can compare but cannot replace each other. Read my article if you are wondering which is the best programming language to start learning. For Java enthusiasts, I have a great way of learning Java in this article.

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