What Programming Languages Should you Learn First

By What Programming Languages Should you Learn First

There is a long list of about 256 programming languages. The languages are classified into groups according to the way or style of programming (paradigms). So with this long list, many beginners face challenges when choosing which language to learn first. Another question is what programming languages are used in big companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, etc. Their worry is learning a language which is hot now, but one that will not be in use in the future.  

I had the same questions when I was starting programming. I used to learn a bit of C, C++, Java, and PHP. It was not easy to know which the best language to learn first is. Nevertheless, I learnt Java and currently it what I use in developing mobile apps, desktop apps, and web apps.

When you do a quick Google search on what language to start with, you will get many results. Therefore, this question remains unanswered to many programming beginners. 

Today, I will tell you the answer. Do not be concerned too much with the language you learn. Whenever you get a job your title will be "Software Developer" or "Software Engineer".  It will not be "Java Software Developer" or "Some Programming Language Software Developer”. This means you are a programmer, not ‘ABC' programmer. Understanding this issue will enable you to choose the right language to learn first.

So, the programming language to learn first does not matter so much. All you need is general programming knowledge and problem-solving skills. All programming languages are equal. Whatever Java can also do Python can do. The existing languages and languages to come will use the same concepts.

So even though it is good to learn one language deeply, this should not be your main focus when you are beginning. Right now focus on building problem-solving skills using programming and learning programming concepts.

Programming skills are of high demand. Employees require candidates with such skills who can code and help the company to earn more. Big companies use more than one language since they have many employees and employ different technologies. There is no problem learning a language, then it dies after some years. With a rich foundation of programming concepts learning a new language will be easy.

However, there are some languages which are more popular than others and ones which are used in many companies. With that said here is my list of recommended programming languages you can learn first. These are not ordered in any manner.


This is the best language you need to opt to learn first. It’s the simplest and it’s growing very fast than other languages whereby one is able to understand easily. You also don't have to be worried about some of the simple information that is of a great deal in other languages. You can get hold of the necessary information as you practice coding. It can be used in different ways, for example, web development, finance, electronics, media, data science and machine learning which indicate it's a mathematics programming king. It’s acknowledged as a language programming guide, especially in universities. Big companies including Google, Facebook, etc. use this language in machine learning. 


Most of the programming is carried out in this programming language which also requires much effort to manage because it's challenging to learn as a beginner, therefore, ensure that you get from C++ Codementor or through meet-ups. After learning more about C, which shows one how a computer works, you can acquire more knowledge and learn more languages, including C++ and Java. 

C is used to program systems software. It also of great use in building desktop apps, mobile apps, games engines.


C++ was created in 1985. It is a flexible and efficient language. It is used on Facebook, whereby it has promoted growth and leading to high performance and high dependable component. Microsoft Windows and Google Chromes are other popular projects written in C++. C++ programmers mostly develop very intensive desktop apps. C++ is used to create GUI applications, 3D games, and real-time mathematical solutions.


This programming language is a bit difficult to study; therefore if you are ready for the challenges, it’s your choice. TIOBE index which classifies most widely admired programming languages in the world ranks Java as one of them at the top. It's used in any platform and device which indicates it's a language technique which is most demanded. Java can provide the best opportunities for a great career if that's your goal. It dwells in app development for desktop apps, web apps, and mobile apps. Google Android uses this language in building Android apps. If interested in developing mobile apps, it's the best choice for you. Some companies such as enterprise – level companies depend on the language including eBay, Amazon, Linked, Facebook, and Google.

In this article I explained the best way to learn Java.


This is the most popular language in the world that is why it’s the best first to learn. It’s increasingly important to back end development and vital to front end development. One is able to come up with some of the interactive websites. It’s a web tool technology which is very important together with the HTML and CSS. It dwells mostly in web development, which indicates it’s built into browsers. When dealing with set-up use it. JavaScript is a high-level programming language, therefore, it’s one of the best choices to start with for the beginners, and because it's a web browsers language, it will remain of high demand even in the anticipated future. The website used every day depend on JavaScript such as Spotify, Gmail, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. At first, you have to know what you are interested in because it is a web development programming language that requires people who are passionate to be a web developer and if not it’s not a right choice for you to dwell in. It is not as easy as python.


It's a high-level programming language and only works in Apple platforms. It mostly dwells in programming Mac-OS and native IOS. If interested in mobile development it’s your best choice. There is a feature called swift playground app from apple used in the iPad and makes swifts fun and interactive to learn. There is also the Xcode, an editor for swift language which can easily search for errors that you have made. In this, you don't have to code because coding skills are not required, so it's best for beginners.

That concludes the list of popular programming languages you should consider learning when starting. If you liked what you read, please share your knowledge on social media.

Thank you for stopping by and keep reading my articles. I wish you an excellent programming career…

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